Odin Frame Photo Creator

Odin Frame Photo Creator 9.8

Simple tool to add frames, textures, and basic effects to your digital photos

Odin Frame Photo Creator is a simple graphics tool that allows you to enhance your digital images with the help of some basic effects and a wide array of frames. You can use any existing image file stored on your computer or take new shots of yourself, your family, and your friends using your computer’s webcam.

The entire enhancing process is extremely simple, but the lack of clear and intuitive cues in the program’s interface makes it harder than it should be. Actually, and for the first time in some years, I had to look for and read the program’s help files to find my way around the program. However, you just need to go through it once to get the hang of it. All you have to do is select an image and a frame, and send it to the grid (the “assemble”) for further editing. The function of these “assemble” grids is simply to allow you to work with various photographs simultaneously, and help you compare at a glance how different frames look on the same picture. This is not a collage-making tool, and you won’t be able to print your photo selection as it appears on the grid. (Given its limited functionality, the reason why anyone might need 12 different grid designs is beyond me.)

Photographs – both taken with your webcam and existing image files – can be then edited and enhanced with the help of various digital effects and a plethora of frames of all colors, shapes, and themes. Effects include flip, mirror, sharpen, rotate, soften, blur, etc. Besides, you can “Add a funny face” by applying any of the various emoticons provided. You can preview the resulting image, and print or save them with frame and all.

A simple tool made complicated by a careless interface design and a terrible English translation.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wide selection of frames and digital effects
  • Takes pictures of you using your webcam


  • Not a very intuitive interface that makes help files essential
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