Odin Frame Photo Creator

Odin Frame Photo Creator 4.0

Odin Frame Photo Creator allows you to take pictures and enhance them
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Odin Frame Photo Creator is a program that allows taking pictures and enhancing them. This program can capture photos using your webcam (when in Shooting Mode) or improve and enhance photos already stored in your computer (in the Photo Editor Mode). You can choose frames to decorate those images, choose a new background, or compose a collage using several pictures. In this case, you will be able to use several photos, with several different frames. You can then decide which ones you will include or leave out, and the position they will have in the finished collage.

You can also move your image to fit in the frame, and change the frame transparency. The program comes with some images that you can use for practice.

You can save a project using the program’s proprietary format in order to finish it later, you can save your finished image in any of the most popular graphic formats, or you can print it. It is possible to change the size of the image before saving it.

This program’s trial version will place a watermark on every saved picture. You will be able to use it for just three times.

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